Detention Part One: French Profanity|Scene #01 Pics Porn

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Apparently I've been a bad girl in school and it landed me in detention with Ms Dana Vespoli. So what If I pointed out the obvious! I mean|French class is not only boring|but meaningless|I mean|it's not as if I'm going to go to France and tell someone I know how to say what an apple is...I mean give me a break! So|because I opened up my big mouth|I'm here|being punished after class. Well|on the upside|our principal Ms DeArmond has great taste in woman; she must've fucked the hell out of her to land this job. I can't help my imagination running wild|dreaming of Dana DeArmond and Madame Dana Vespoli semi naked licking each other's faces|but my day dreaming only makes me get into more trouble with Ms Vespoli|ordering me to sit down and finish my homework. Looking at the time go by doesn't help either|the ticking of the dial seems too surreal. Music and clouds of smoke embrace my thoughts|clouding what I cannot perceive as reality or hallucination. I see Dana with a huge ruler|ready to punish me for being a bad girl|asking me if I want her to lick my ass. Where will my mind wander you ask? Watch today and find out! Samantha Rone, Dana Vespoli